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Real Mosteiro de Oia

Ocean character

Come to see the only Monastery of the Cistercian Order located by the sea

Real Mosteiro de Oia

A cultural heritage that belongs to us all

The monastery of Oia is, since 1931, a place of Cultural Interest and that’s why it has the maximum legal protection in matter of historical heritage.

Real Mosteiro de Oia

Making history since the 12th century

Discover the history that has forged a unique place since 1149

Real Mosteiro de Oia


Surrounded by wild nature where monks developed keen fishing skills, orchards, and where they introduced and developed vineyards , and breed freely-roaming horses

Real Mosteiro de Oia

The Monastery

The monastery of Oia has not stopped evolving since the 12th century to the present days, reaching a constructed area of more than 7,500 sqm without counting on the church, currently dependent on the bishopric.

Place the mouse on the legend and discover all its spaces.

Have you been to the Monastery?

Turn audio ON and enjoy a unique and unforgettable tour.

Real Mosteiro de Oia

The project

Residencial Monasterio de Oia S.A. is fully committed to the Monastery. Oia was created and grew around the monastery. The aim of our project is to bring it back to its position as the central axis of the town: bringing value and economic growth, becoming the heart of the town and attracting visitors and new development opportunities.

Real Mosteiro de Oia

Visit the Monastery

Come and enjoy the wonders of a unique Bulilding of Cultural Interest. Experience by yourself the different eras and stories lived in a truly unparalleled place.

Real Mosteiro de Oia


Discover the most remarkable highlights in the history of the Oia Monastery.

Real Mosteiro de Oia


Group visits

If you want to visit the Mosteiro with a group of more than 15…

New maintenance works in the monastery of Oia

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