First reliable document. The royal donation of Alfonso VII of León and Castile, who grants Mougás, Viladesuso and Pedornes to the monks of Oia.


He joins the Cistercian Order.


Royal Donation of Alfonso IX of León: the church of Baiona and the monastery’s exemption from paying tribute in its port. First allusion to the breeding of wild horses in the mountains of Oia.


Alfonso IX of León donates the southernmost island of the Cíes Islands (San Martín).


Ferdinand III of Castile, together with his wife Mrs. Beatriz and children, and with the consent of his mother Mrs. Berengaria of Castile, confirms all the inheritances, churches, donations, liberties and privileges that had been granted to the monastery of Santa María de Oia by Alfonso VII, Ferdinand II and Alfonso IX.


Denis I, king of Portugal, takes the monks under his guard and protection along with all their properties in Portugal.


Last Galician monastery to join the Congregation of Castile of the Cistercian Order, remaining thereafter under its control.


Famous cannon fight against Turkish and Berber pirates. In recognition, King Philip IV grants them the title of Royal and Imperial Monastery of Oia.


Completion of the two galleries or wings of the orange trees’ Courtyard.


Completion of the new facade of the church (still present)


Mendizabal sells the church lands. The monastery is auctioned in lots. It is purchased by a resident of Madrid, Fernando Fernández Casariego, for 200,000 reales.


He sells it to a resident of A Guarda, Bernardo Alonso, for 1,000,000 reales.


The monastery is rented to the Jesuits, who were expelled from Portugal. They were to be expelled from Spain in 1932.


The Monastery was used as a jail for republican prisoners during the Civil War.


It is acquired by the Bouso family for 60,000 pesetas.


The film Esa mujer by Mario Camus and starring Sara Montiel is filmed in the Monastery.


It is sold to José González García for 6,400,000 pesetas.


It is acquired by the Asturian group Corporación Massaveu for 261,000,000 pesetas.


It is sold to La Toja, S.A. (Banco Pastor) for 200,000,000 pesetas


Vasco Gallega acquires the Mnastery of Oia for 2.4 million and creates Sociedade Real Mosteiro de Oia.

Royal Monastery of Oia


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